Pixie Network Monitor for Android

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Pixie Probe is a free application that tests your phone for compatibility with Pixie. Do Not buy Pixie unless Pixie Probe gives you the link to Pixie in Google Marketplace!

Get the Pixie Probe
Using your Android Phone download here: Get Pixie Probe

Starting Pixie Probe
Simply search the Google Marketplace for Pixie Probe and install it to get started. When you start the app, Pixie Probe will tell you what it wants:
  • Your phone should be on an open or WEP-enabled network.
  • You must have access to another computer (or phone) on the same wireless network.
Optionally, you can just fire up Pixie Probe at the nearby coffee shop full of computers, but this may or may not be legal. We recommend testing on your own network.

Running Pixie probe
Click the "Start" button to begin. You may be prompted to grant superuser privileges to Pixie Probe, depending on how your device was rooted.

If Pixie Probe starts successfully, you will see a new screen advertising that Pixie might be compatible with your phone. To be sure, go to another device on the same wireless network and browse to a non-secure site, such as Google.

If Pixie Probe can see the activity of the other computer, congratulations! Pixie Probe will display a bright orange message and offer a link to Google Marketplace.

Common problems/questions

If Pixie Probe won't start...
  ...note the error message and contact us at . Be sure to include the exact message, especially any numbers that appear. Also let us know what version of Android you are running and the hardware you are running on.

If Pixie Probe starts, but stays stuck on "might be compatible"...
  ...make sure you hit a web page from another computer on the wireless network. If you are testing via another phone, make sure that the other phone is on the wireless network, rather than simply using its cellular connection. If you are testing from a computer, make sure the computer is not cabled directly to the network. When in doubt, try from another computer.

If you are still not seeing any requests in Pixie Probe, and let us know what version of Android you are running and the hardware you're testing with.