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Pixie - Network Monitor for Android ($9.99)
Pixie is a passive wifi network monitor capable of running on rooted Android devices.
Pixie allows your phone to capture network traffic from other devices on the wireless network, just like Wireshark and Kismet.
Anything your phone hears on the network is recorded into a file called a "capture". This can be incredibly useful for keeping tabs on your own network as well as exploring new ones.
Intuitive UI displays network activity in real-time.
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Snap - Simple Network Area Prober ($1.99)
Do you ever wonder what else is on the network with your iPhone? Now you can easily find out with Snap! Snap quickly scans the network around your phone and discovers nearby servers, routers, even other iPhones! When Snap finds a device, it shows you the manufacturer of the device, any name information it could discover from the device, as well as the device's MAC and IP addresses.
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Futoshiki ($.99)
If you like Sudoku, you're going to love Futoshiki! The rules are deceptively simple, but the gameplay is addictive and challenging. Solve your way through thousands of boards with an app created specifically for the iPhone.

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iNietzsche iPhone iNietzsche (Free)
iNietzsche is a free application that lets you take a little philosophy on the road. Ever find yourself in a deep discussion on the geopolitical impact of crop rotation in Western Africa? Now you can break out iNietzsche and reply with a deep and meaningful vignette from the master himself. Impress that next date by waxing poetic on the impact of the working class on intellectualism.
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iTarantino (PENDING SALE)
It's iTarantino, all the good stuff in your pocket! iTarantino is a collection of all the best quotes, sound clips, and reviews of your favorite Quentin Tarantino movies.
We've hand-picked over 200 of the coolest, quotable quotes from your favorite Tarantino Movies!
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Sticks iPhone Sticks (Free)
Sticks is a free app that lets you control gravity as you turn your phone and tumble the sticks. Touch the screen and you change gravity as the Sticks fall into the black hole your finger is now the center of!
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