9Bit Labs Presents:

Snap - Simple Network Area Prober

Do you ever wonder what else is on the network with your iPhone? Now you can easily find out with Snap! Snap quickly scans the network around your phone and discovers nearby servers, routers, even other iPhones! When Snap finds a device, it shows you the manufacturer of the device, any name information it could discover from the device, as well as the device's MAC and IP addresses.

For each device that Snap finds, you can also scan it for common services such as HTTP, remote login, AppleTalk, Microsoft networking, and many others. It even links directly to Safari for any HTTP services it finds, enabling you to easily explore devices on the network around you.

Snap is a useful security tool to discover open ports as well as a fun way to probe public networks to see who else is on with you.

- Automatic sweep of the local network to find devices.
- Identify devices by manufacturer and name information.
- Devices classified as router, server, phone, or computer.
- Devices that are discovered can be port-scanned with one touch.
- Direct link to Safari to explore discovered web services.

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Host List
Host details
Scan Results
Scan Results
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